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Power Of Prayer

Today my ustadh (teacher) told us all the story of how he became a Muslim at the age of 14 sometime in the 1960’s. He was from a very high cast Hindu family that would have rather seen him dead than become a Muslim. He secretly studied any books he could get a hold of and learnt how to pray. On Eid-Ul-Fitr he prayed alone but before he started he supplicated to Allah to give him the ability to become Muslim and then performed two cycles of prayer. A week later he found himself taking the testifiction!

When his family learnt of his conversion, they imprisoned and beat him for three days. On the third night his mother helped him escape and he says; “I escaped on the third night and ran barefoot for ten miles wearing only my trousers and shirt. The ground was my bed and the blue skies my blanket” On escaping he was taken in as an adopted son by the owner of the famous shoe company ‘Bata’. He was given food, clothes and a home by one of the wealthiest men in India. Eventually he went on to study Islam under Sheikh Maseehullah Khan Sherwani the student of the renowned scholar of the prestigious school of Deoband, Hadhrat Sheikh Ashraf Ali Thanwi.

Cutting a long story short i finish with something he said that was really profound, he said; “If two cycles of prayer as a non believer could bring me so much, imagine what could be achieved from two cycles of prayer as a believer”. Let us all learn a great lesson from this and never underestimate the power of prayer!