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Eid Mubarak all, I hope you and your loved ones have a joyous and happy celebration. May Allah accept our fasting and praying during His blessed month, may He also give us life to see the next Ramadan and many more. Ameen

By the will and favours of Allah ﷻ upon me I will be setting off later this morning to the two sacred sanctuaries for umrah. I humbly request pardon for any wrongdoing towards any of you and I also ask that you please pray the journey is a safe and accepted one for myself as well as my companions.

Barak’Allah feekum

Abu Hurairah reported, “The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘When a person dies all his good deeds cease except for three: a continuous act of charity, beneficial knowledge, and a righteous son who prays for him’.” (Muslim)

A good friend of mine has set up a site dedicated to sourcing donations for reliable causes which are sadaqah jariyah (continual charities) which continue to benefit a person even after their death. The last 10 days of Ramadan are approaching, make the most of what is left of this precious month by donating and attaining an unimaginable amount of rewards that will hopefully comfort you and be a light in the darkness of your grave


Nights I couldn’t sleep I buried myself in books
Finding in their pages the same relief found in slumber
Reading too much of rules makes you cold and out of touch with the ways of people
They speak profoundly, I say sorry ive read better
They speak of pain, I say sorry ive read worse
What is it that I find more character in inked words than I do souls?
Oh seeker of seekers let me sit at your feet
Guide me carefully to what you have found considering I see in you peace
Help me for I now have more reasons why I can’t sleep

Do not marry those in your blood relation (4:23) - but how come people marry their cousins? Most of us muslims say that aunts (mother's sisters) are like our mother nr. 2, and if that's the case shouldn't their children be like our siblings. I'll never understand this really

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im not an imam in anyway shape or form, but from what I know it’s allowed but I dont know the reasoning or the wisdom behind it. a couple people you could try here on this website who may be able to help is franksonnetti or  partytilfajr they are both much,much,much more knowledgeable than me and inshallah they can help you.


That is not the correct translation of 4:23 at all, in fact it is a detailed verse explaining who from your blood relatives you cannot marry. Anybody from your blood relatives not mentioned in this ayah i.e your cousins, are permissible for marriage. Please be careful and make sure you check the correct translations of ayahs to avoid further confusion.

Also, to say most muslims consider their mother’s sisters as like second mothers is quite a generalisation. Even still their children are not your real brothers/sisters, they are your cousins no matter what you consider their mother. Perhaps it comes down to cultures/traditions in regards how people see certain relatives as well as preference but this is permitted in Islam and it is definitely not abnormal, rather quite the norm in certain societies,

May Allah forgive me for any shortcomings

" White House iftar is being for many a brown man a reverse tanning-salon "

- Qalandar Tabrizi

Cover ur hair sister.

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The errors he made weren't so severe to the point where he had to be put in a jail! I still can't figure out why the scholars didn't give him the benefit of the doubt, he was doing ijtihad which is good.

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Actually they were very, very severe, had you done some research you would’ve known and these errors make those with even a little knowledge very uncomfortable. There are certain things you can give people the benefit of the doubt on and they surely did give him it in some matters but there are other things which cannot go unchecked, ijtihad has parameters and unfortunately he stepped outside of them. Hafiz Al Iraqi compiled a book where he violated over 60 consensuses (ijma), mujtahideen don’t violate ijma

What errors did Ibn Taymiyyah make?

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They were mainly issues in creed and some issues in jurisprudence where he broke consensus. I don’t think this is the right place to discuss these matters as it might cause unnecessary confusion

Who do you think was best between al gazali and ibn taymiya?

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Though Hafiz Ibn Taymiyyah was great in his own right I’d have to say Imam Al Ghazzali was the better as he was more intelligent and had greater composure over himself. Although he too was surrounded by polemics throughout his life he was smart enough to understand what troubles it was leading him to, then towards the end of his life he remedied it.

Hafiz Ibn Taymiyyah was an amazing scholar and we take nothing away from that, but he wasn’t as collected and composed. Unfortunately he made some severe errors and his end was not as bright as Imam Al Ghazzali’s

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That was the plan

The humility of the Shaikh al-Mashaikh in Deoband

Shaikh Mu`een-ud-Deen Ajmeri [رحمه الله] was renowned for his mastery in the field of philosophy. He had once heard of the prominence and piety of Shaikh-ul-Hind Moulana Mahmood al-Hasan [رحمه الله]. Hence, he decided to travel to Deoband and pay him a visit. It was during summer. When he arrived at the home of Shaikh-ul-Hind [رحمه الله] he met a person dressed only in a lungi and a vest. He introduced himself to him and said, I have come to meet Shaikh Mahmood al-Hasan. This person welcomed him in with a lot of respect and seated him saying, You will soon meet him.

Whilst waiting, this person served Moulana Ajmeri with refreshments. Moulana Ajmeri told him, Kindly inform Hadhrat Moulana Mahmood-ul-Hasan. This person replied, Dont worry and make yourself comfortable. After a little while, this person now brought some food and insisted on Moulana Ajmeri that he partakes of the meal. Moulana Ajmeri told him, I have come to meet Hadhrat Moulana Mahmood-al-Hasan. Please inform him. This person told Moulana, He has been notified. Partake of the meal and you will meet him.

After Moulana Ajmeri partook of the meal, this person began fanning him. When this continued for some time, Moulana Ajmeri became annoyed and said, You are wasting my time. I have come to meet Moulana and it has been so long yet you have not let me meet him. This person then said, The reality of the matter is that there is no Moulana over here. However, this insignificant servants name is Mahmood.

Hearing this reply, Moulana Ajmeri was totally astounded and realised the worth of Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Hind [رحمه الله].

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It’s never the end but thank you