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" One of the rights of love is that one goes through all difficulties for the pleasure of the beloved. "

- Maulana Shah Hakeem Akhtar Saheb (rahimahullah)

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No I didn't mean it that way. I was just asking if he was him or if you were talking about some other sheikh. Whoops should have made it clearer sorry

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Not a problem I guess it was worth making clear anyway that I don’t agree with everything he says

Isn't Abu eesa the one who made those horrible jokes about women???

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Yes he was but does that mean we should reject everything an individual says because they said some distasteful things?

Reminds me of the saying “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”

Just because the ummah has big issues to worry about it doesn’t mean we don’t address the small ones. It’s usually those very small things that slowly tatter away the fabric of our society becoming the big issues in themselves

I don't want to be another person asking about the 'happy muslims' video but do you not think the Umma gets tied into petty debates/discussions/opinions when there are innocent people being murdered and oppressed and the holy sites of islam being destroyed and we can place our time into something useful? (Forgive me for anything wrong I may had said)

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Read Abu Eesa’s comments, he made this exact point and put it into perspective

I don’t really have more to say than what he did, my main issue with it has just been cleared up alhamdulilah

what was abu eesa's opinion?

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Have a look on Facebook

what is your opinion on the happymuslims video? do you think it is islamically appropriate? i am genuinely asking because i am seeing mixed opinions and am not sure which is islamically correct? jazakallah khair

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This will probably drop me in bad taste with a lot of you but I thought Abu Eesa’s comments were pretty much on point

So a lot of people not happy about the “happy muslims” video, that’s ironic

Do the different madh'habs have different views on the rules of hijab? And is there a unity on whether hijab is fard or choice (in the 4 madhaheb)? I know hijab is a controversial issue and many don't want to comment on it, but I just want to know about what these sheikhs say about the matter. Thank you.

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I wish to be excused from answering this question

Im not afraid of dying im afraid of accounting to my Lord for what ive done with my life

Im just like any of you, simply not always knowing, but searching for answers too

The Sign Of Pride Leaving A Person

Hazrat Sheikhul Hadith Zakariyya Khandelvi (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) mentioned:

Once a person wrote a letter to me asking, “What is the sign that pride no longer remains with a person?”

I replied that if any person finds fault with you, then you are not overcome by anger. Instead you begin to examine within your heart whether what the person has said is true or not. If after pondering and reflecting over the situation, your heart tells you that the statement the person made was correct and you suffer from that weakness then you are immediately prepared to accept your mistake and correct yourself.

If this is your condition, then this is a sign that pride has left you.

However, on the converse, if after hearing the statement of that person, you are overcome by rage and anger without even taking a moment to think whether what was said was correct or not, then this is a clear sign of you having pride.

(Malfoozaat Hazrat Shaikh 1/71)

To the anon with the upset need to have a heart to heart with her. Mentally you should be prepared for any backlash, but slowly bring her around to open up to you about her issues with you and whats really in her mind. Ask her to tell you whats on her mind so that you act accordingly, tell her as a child what you want from her. Maybe theres something missing on both ends and both need to work on it. I'm sorry for the unsolicited advice, I'm speaking from recent experience. Best! :)

Insha’Allah this will be helpful

Jazak’Allah khair

how do I deal with a stubborn parent? My mom got mad at me because I said that she ate a lot and that she should be careful. she really believed that I said this because I'm the one that buys all the food , In her mind I'm basically trying to control her. It has been three days and she refuses to talk to me. I tried to apologize and I feel like I'm just done with it. But I'm really hurt bcz it's all extremely silly. Everything I say is used against me somehow and she understands differently.

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Im sorry im not a counsellor of any sort and I don’t what advice that I could really give other than what is required of a person islamically as treatment to their parents.

The best advice that I can give is that you should be mindful of your mothers nature and be cautious about how you choose your words and avoid saying things that might trigger her to react. Don’t get frustrated, sometimes Allah tests a person through their parents so don’t forget that you’re under watch from Allah and its important you stick to your responsibilities towards her the best that you can.

My teacher mentioned a story about a great scholar that had a mother that had some mental illnesses. Once when he was teaching a class his mother walked in and shouted “Oh idiot, have you not fed the chickens?” Most of us would probably send our mothers away saying she’s not well and this isn’t the time for feeding chickens but this scholar told his students that his mother had more right over him than they did over him as a teacher so he left, fed the chickens and then returned. The point in saying is that we should be attentive and respectful at all times even if they’re not in their senses because regardless of the circumstances they have a right over us and we’ll be questioned regarding it. Be alert and stay on your toes, don’t give her a chance to be upset with you, do things for her before she can even ask. Keep trying with your mother she can’t ignore you forever, apologise and explain what you meant and pray Allah softens her heart insha’Allah. May Allah grant you ease and reward you for your service

Assalam Aliakum I know that you get the "I've missed this amount of salat", I'm no different but I remember there being said that if someone missed salat out of laziness than they can't make it up and that it's only permissible to make it up if you missed it due to sleep or(other things that I forgot). But if that's not true than that means I've missed 39,060 salats 0_0

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Wa alaykum salaam

Look back to my last few questions and you’ll find that I linked another anon to a consensus that has been reached that all missed prayers must be made up. Say alhamdulilah that you’ve realised this now, there are men in my masjid trying to make up between 40-50 years of missed salah. I always say to any youngsters, especially ones coming up to puberty that no matter what else you do or dont do never ever miss a salah, even if it becomes qadha do not leave it past that day because they will add up and you will regret it later. I advise anyone else reading this to advise the same to younger siblings and relatives