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Just curious do you use tea bags? If you do, which ones?

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I use Twinings pure green tea bags

I'm not that anon. The post you referred to makes it seem as if muslims have no blood on their hands. All the things u mentioned are true for the early years(the prophet and caliphate times), but what about the rest? Later on slavery continued and captured slaves were treated very badly. Not comparable to the one in the US in which many western countries/companies where involved, but still it should not be hidden. We can not discuss slavery if all we do is push the blame away from ourselves

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What “it seems” depends on your perception of things, I am not hiding anything nor pushing any blame but if it appears that way perhaps it’s due to some discomfort within yourself

The question was about Islam and it’s objective not Muslims and their actions that are contrary to the former, there’s a stark difference here and that’s a whole different discussion in itself

Green tea with fresh mint leaves makes everything better

Salaam alaikum, do you have any knowledge on whether facial piercings are permissible in Islam? i.e nose piercing - and if it is permissible, then why isn't a lip-piercing, for instance, permissible? (Was asked this question by a friend of mine) Jazak Allah Khair

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Wa alaykum salaam

Please refer to this fatwa by Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam Al Kawthari here

I've been wondering. why didn't Islam abolish slavery..?

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Although Islam did not decisively or explicitly abolish slavery I would argue that this came about effectually. How? You may ask, to understand this we have to remove our pre-existing understanding of slavery and look at how Islam revolutionised the treatment of slaves giving them rights equal to that of the free to the point that they had to be clothed, fed and cared for in the same manner as oneself and ones family along with the great encouragement of granting them freedom. Then we can see that by gradually removing any distinction between the free and the poor, what was a custom for centuries was eventually broken down so much so that owning slaves was practically of no benefit to a person. As outright abolishment would have caused an out roar and rebellion by a sudden shock to society, Islam gradually changed the nature of people with wisdom. I have a more detailed post on this that will probably give you more insight, you can see it here

Assalamu alaikum brother, I had question. How do you manage your time? I mean, I don't know if you're efficient but I was under the impression that you go to uni and madrasa (or some type of Islamic program); how do you keep up with it all? I always have a hard time managing my time and I end up neglecting the more imp. things, like the ones tht will actually be useful for my Akhirah. 2nd question: how to protect oneself from fitan? 3rd question: do u follow the opinion that jilbab is Fard?

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Wa alaykum salaam

You have to organise your time wisely and you have to bring discipline into your life so that you know what you’re going to do at what time and how you’re going to do it. It’s important that at the same time you’re flexible and allow for disturbances to your schedule that you might not expect. Before engaging in anything ask yourself if its worthwhile, will it benefit you or others in anyway? There are times when there won’t be any benefit or harm in doing a certain thing but if you’re leaving out a priority that needs to be fulfilled then you need to remind yourself of that first. It’s all about moderation and balance, level out everything that you’re doing nicely as well as comfortably; don’t over do it with studying, worship or chilling just make it all nice and easy going.

You protect yourself from fitan by affirming your intentions within you before doing anything, always aim to do everything for the pleasure of Allah. Then avoid being in places that will draw you towards fitan as well as people who may push you towards it, if its absolutely necessary to be there/with them do what you have to do and leave when you no longer have to be. Stick with people who do good actions, have good character and encourage you to do good. Always remember Allah wherever you are and be mindful of the two angels writing either side of you, be mindful of which one you’re keeping busy. Also make plentiful dua for Allah to safeguard you from sin and misguidance

Assalam u alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Do you follow Maulana Tariq Jameel's bayaans and would you recommend them?

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Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

MTJ is legendary! Yes I do follow his talks and I would recommend everyone to follow them also, even if you can’t understand Urdu watch the ones that have English subtitles. His messages are always on point and useful, may Allah preserve him so that we can continue to benefit from him

I just want a good summer so that I can lie back and put flowers in my beard

maleehaisconfused Good! That means my dua has been accepted alhamdulilah

Your thoughts are in my mind
always thinking about you
Your name is on my lips
always talking about you
Your abode is in my heart
always feeling your presence
So how can you disappear from me?

I don’t know what’s happening to us today, we learn of something which is according to Quran and Sunnah then when putting it into practice seems a little difficult we’re like,

"This is extreme, I can’t do that even though ive never even tried so this can’t be right im going fatwa shopping"

Until we come across someone with strange and progressive ideas that are far beyond what is correct in Islam but somehow convenient for us we say,

"Ah this is Islam, this is what it’s all about, this random nobody’s views that I found on google is what we need more of! Everybody else is backward and influenced by culture"


I want to get married, but only so I can have halal-sex. I am not interested in a man for anything other than his genitalia. I know this isn't what marriage is about in Islam and I don't want to use a man and deceive him into thinking I care about a future and children with him. I'm very content with my life, but I don't want to fall into sin. Do I have to tell him about this?

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"I am not interested in a man for anything other than his genitilia"
That’s kind of ruthless

One of the reasons for marriage is the protection of chastity and fulfilling your sexual desires in a permissible manner but it’s not the sole reason; procreation, etc are among the other primary reasons.

You’ve answered your own question really in that you know it’s deceptive to go into marriage with only that intention so that is unjust to begin with. If you inform him and he agrees with you in that he too only wants to marry in order to fulfil sexual desires, the marriage may be invalid due to both agreeing only for that reason and not fulfilling the other objectives.
You need to have a good think to yourself because marriage is an exchange of rights and responsibilities, sexual intercourse is only one part of the relationship so how are you going to go about the rest of the time with your spouse? There’s a lot to ask yourself and take into consideration really

Brother where are the thobe tutorials?

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What exactly do you expect to see in a thobe tutorial? If you don’t know how to do your own buttons by now I don’t think I’d be much help

Salaam. I think I read somewhere that qada' prayers need to be in the time they were missed? I have at least 2 years worth of missed prayers so does that mean a missed zuhr prayer needs to be made up in zuhr as well? The way i've been doing it for the past few months is after isya' I'd pray 1 missed solat. (e.g. monday - asr', tues - maghrib, weds - isya', thurs - subuh). was that wrong? now do i have to replace my replacement prayers? jazakallah khair for your time.

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Wa alaykum salaam

Qadha prayers do not need to be made up in the times they were missed, you can make them up whenever