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I just applied to this one school I really want to work at. I would appreciate it so much if you guys could make a quick dua that I get the job. I love you guys, thank you ❤️

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" If a person claims that he really loves someone, evidence is asked from him. And that evidence is the giving away of possessions, the granting of favors. Just as when Maulana Rumi claimed that he loved me, when I arrived he granted me thousands of favors and protected me. I regard these all as a grace from Allah. "

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سلام What is your opinion on Moulana A.S Desai and Themajlis? Jazakallah

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Wa alaykum salaam

Mufti A.S Desai has a very unique method of approaching things and he himself acknowledges this fact. Without doubt he is harsh in his tone, language and mannerisms which is obvious from his writings and many do oppose his style of addressing issues. Having understood that, we should know that Mufti A.S Desai is from among the senior scholars of today and if I am correct he is somewhere in his late 70’s in age and for that alone he is deserving of our respect.

Despite disagreements people may have with him on his stances as well as how he goes about them, he is a very knowledgeable man who is respected by all and his peers who too are high ranking scholars attest to that. He is among the senior students of the late Hazrat Maseehullah Khan (Rahimhaullah) and he said of his student that he is “mufti yon ka mufti” meaning “he is the mufti of mufti’s” and that he is “my sword in South Africa” for his abilities to uphold Islam and defend it from falsehood. Anybody who has met him has affirmed and contested to scrupulous character, his high level of taqwa (God consciousness), humility and wara’ (abstinence). I personally know people who have met him and have told me first hand that the man in person is much different to the man that writes and perhaps it is his great love for Allah and his hatred for falsehood that causes him to write in such a manner.

I was told that he was due to study in a top law school in America but insisted to his parents that he wished to study the deen. When they refused he was so upset that he laid out his clothes on the beach having people think that he had drowned in the sea whilst he departed alone to Jalalabad in India to study, such was his zeal for knowledge. We shouldn’t take anything away from this great man due to some disagreements we may have with him, he himself states that we are more than obliged to leave what we don’t like from him whilst taking what benefits and that is perhaps the best stance. Let me finish with what Ismail Ibrahim has to say about him, a sorry victim of some of Mufti A.S Desai’s debilitating fatwas and articles, he is considered his adversary but he still opened up an online thread to say the following about him;

“I want to highlight his Walaa and Baraa, the sacrifices he’s gone through in life, and his love for the Deen of Allah. He is better than me and most people out there no doubt, and he is most certainly a billion times better than all those Salafis.

And of course, besides the insults, his legendary usage of the English language.

Before anybody starts neg-repping me, may I remind you the Mufti AS Desai is the one is in the middle of refuting me as we speak. Politely disagree with the premise of this thread, if you may.”

You can read more about him and what people have said regarding his piety and knowledge here;

I mean the crossing your legs kind of meditation and breathing in and out and thinking about the basic things in life :)

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That’s fine, in fact go further and do muraqabah which is thinking or taking stock of all the good and bad things you’ve done so far in the day. Then resolve to do more of the good and less of the bad whilst asking Allah for forgiveness, that’s a super meditation that’s productive and not just letting your mind wonder about whatever

Is meditation haram? because I like to meditate as well as pray as I get so much fulfillment doing both :)

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Depends on what you define as meditation? An old friend of mine smokes marijuana and another locks himself in his room with his laptop all day, both call it meditation so I can’t really say since it’s quite a broad question

Salam. I don't know if I have true regret of my sins but I would like to be forgiven. Can I be forgiven like that? I'm so afraid.

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Wa alaykum salaam

What’s making you doubtful of whether you truly regret it or not?

The best thing about autumn is kicking your way through leaves that come up to your ankles and just throwing yourself back into thousands of leaves in the park just staring at the sky

Im highly skeptical that what people are doing these days can actually be truly called a marriage/being married


I pity those who have seen a world better than the one written for them. They’ll live the rest of their lives knowing what they missed out on.

What can be seen is not always what it seems, we live oblivious to what troubles exist behind the pretty picture in sight. If we live focusing on bettering our own lives then what’s written for us might turn out to be even better than we thought

Salam, I'm a nurse & I work 12hrs so i dn't get time or anywhere to pray at work so I pray all my salah at home. However I find it very tiring & i sometimes just rush it or even miss them all together and just sleep :( I feel soo bad!! HELP PLS. jzk

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Wa alaykum salaam

You need to pray all your salah in their correct times, Allah says

"Indeed salah has been enjoined upon the believers at fixed times" (Qur’an 4:103)

So reading them all at once when you get home is not acceptable and no surprise that you feel bad about it because it’s not correct to do so. You need to ask at work for a little time to perform your salah and im sure they would give you that time.

Make peace with God and He will show you how to make peace with His creation